Wednesday, December 22, 2004

In an apparent youth movement, the Mets will sign Galarraga (he's 43!) to a minor league deal and invite him to spring training.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

while pedro is one of my favorite players in all sports, and while the move to the n.l. away from facing the yankees N times a year, in my opinion, is personally good for him, i kinda wish some other NL team had taken the big gamble on him.
the mets have a lot of holes, they need a first baseman, a right fielder, a left fielder (floyd clearly wanted out by the 2nd half), a catcher either in the near-term but def for the long-term, possibly a 2nd baseman if kaz pulls a knoblauch (and i don't mean having sex with derek jeter), a long reliever, an 8th inning guy, and a frontline starter that can go longer than 6 innings.

the money spent on pedro could be spent on a bunch of medium guys who would fill a lot of the holes.
that being said, pedro is definitely a smart enough pitcher to be able to dominate the likes of most of the n.l. for the next year or two. doo-de-doo.

the nite the pedro news broke, espn ran a top 10 of worst mets moves of all time. the humongous ghost of mo vaughn looms large in more ways than one.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Rule 5 draft day!
Oh Boy!
I don't know how I didn't know this, but add to the list of good players who were taken in the Rule 5 draft: Roberto Clemente. I guess Johan's path to "greatest Rule 5 Draftee Ever" won't be that easy. The Pirates took Clemente from the Brooklyn Dodgers. In the Dodgers' defense, he didn't really become good until his 6th season in the majors, and the Pirates could afford to use him because they stank.
Well, the good news about today was that the Mets didn't lose anybody, which was fortunate because both Blake McGinley and Royce Ring had a chance of being taken.

According to multiple papers, the Mets may get Manny! Floyd and Matsui?

And Olerud!

Wait a minute, according to, the Mets have reached a deal with Pedro for 4 years and $50-56 million. I guess we're not getting Manny.

Friday, December 10, 2004

apparently, the a's tim hudson is availible. imagine if we had scott kazmir as a chip to get him. but you know what, we really needed to shore up that #5 starter's spot. -phew- glad that's been taken care of. oh wait...

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

someone far more intelligent than I offers a fitting note of departure for Mike "second-ugliest met to dave weathers" Stanton...

Michael Wolverton, a San Francisco-area computer research scientist who also writes for Baseball Prospectus, an influential statistics think tank, devised a system by which each situation a reliever can enter - bases loaded with one out, man on first with two out, etc. - is converted into the number of runs that typically score. The reliever is then judged by how many runs he allows either above or below average.

Wolverton's statistic, called inherited runs prevented, not only counts the pieces of runs a reliever either saves or allows, but also adjusts for runners he may bequeath to a pitcher who follows him.

The Royals' Nate Field, despite his rather pedestrian 3.77 E.R.A., is the 2004 leader in Inherited Runs Prevented with 8.0 total runs saved. On Tuesday, Field entered a game with none out and the bases loaded, and got three straight outs to save Kansas City 1.92 runs.

Inherited runs prevented also shows just how disastrous the Mets' Mike Stanton has been in 2004. Though Stanton, a veteran left-hander, had a 3.75 E.R.A., he did not save any runs but in fact cost his team 6.3 runs, third worst in the majors.
Quick comments, then back to my finals. I'm not too upset about any of this from a Mets perspective (although it's not what I would have done). The Yanks, on the other hand, are making a lot of dumb moves.

Leiber, Benson, and Wright all signed for about the same money. Wright is coming off a very strong season, but now that he's not with Leo Mazzone anymore, it seems very possible that he'll revert to form and this will be a disaster for the Yanks. Leiber clearly has a better track record than Benson, but I can see the logic in not giving your 3 year deal to a pitcher who will be 35 on opening day. Close call. But really stupid move by the Yanks for not exercising the option on Leiber. Could've had him for $8 mill for one year.
Womack stinks. If he's their everyday player at 2B next year, big mistake. But if they eventually replace him, he could be a useful utility guy/pinchrunner.
And it sounds like the Yanks are going to get Milton for Benson/Wright/Leiber money, which is really dumb because he's a very mediocre pitcher and does horribly against lefties. Leiter for 1 year probably would've been a better move if they were desperate for a lefty.
I'm sorry to see Leiter go, but I can live with it. It does put a lot of pressure on Omar to sign Pedro now, because his other options are dwindling. Matt Clement!

Moises Alou?
How 'bout JD Drew?
last winter, every yankee move gave me the scary shivers. the bad scary shivers, because every move seemed so dope. 'dream' weaver for kevin brown? soriano for a-rod? flash gordon?
this winter, umm, "tuff" wright and "mowack "womack?"

why aren't we in play for jon leiber? we know he can pitch well in new york. we know he is a power pitcher (well, compared to our 'finesse' staff) and we are willing to blow big bucks on kris benson.

and way to let go one of the two most popular mets from over the past 6 years. apparently, the mets offered Sen. Al Leiter (R-NJ) a contract, Sen. Al accepted, and then the mets retracted. wow, class all the way.
what makes it worse is that, supposedly, the marlins contract contains a deal to do broadcasting for them after he retires. that's cool, tom seaver is the best in the biz anyway. ("arguably the best pitcher of all time" according to the new bill james abstract).

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

So how soon before the Mets sign Denny Neagle? I mean, he seems like a good fit, with the injuries and soliciting ho's and all.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Howard Stern uncovered why the Mets paid so much for Benson. Anna Benson told Stern that "I told [Kris], cheat on me all you want. If you get caught, I'm going to s- - -w everybody on your entire team — coaches, trainers, players. I would do everybody on his whole team."

Obviously, Minaya assumed that he'd be included.
And as further evidence, here's another quote from Anna:
""I helped with negotiations . . . I went back and forth a lot with that. He didn't even have anything to do with that. I did that deal . . . I laid out a lot of the terms."