Sunday, February 29, 2004

Bryce Florie was diagnosed with an intercostal muscle strain and is
expected to miss a few days. Florie suffered the injury after throwing a
pitch during batting practice Thursday. He got hurt again that night
while sleepwalking and required 15 stitches in his chin. "I had a bad
dream, jumped up in my sleep, and ran into the window," he said. "I must
have hit the windowsill or something."

Friday, February 27, 2004

Just looked at the Mets promotions schedule for the year.
Damn kids get 2 quality bobbleheads: Matsui and Reyes (Mr. Met, too). What do we get? Nothing. I guess the "Collectible Ceramic Shea Stadium Replica" could be cool. July 24.

Other promotions:
June 4: Mets Ice Cube Tray
Aug 23: Pakistani-American Night
Sep 2: Senior Stroll
Sep 12: Team Photo
Oct 1: Oktoberfest

Thursday, February 26, 2004

that was the zenith of spacious, same-dimensioned ballparks with turf fields and also an era right before major expansion and also concided with the emergence of a new generation of amazing pitchers and just followed the passing of an era of amazing hitters.

the eternal argument, would you rather see a 1-0 game or a 9-7 game? of course, that 1-0 game could be a crisp, 2-hour, duel between two amazing pitchers or a 3-hour late august mets game at shea aka disaster.
.230??? Are you kidding me? What were they using for bats, toothpicks?!?

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Actually, upon further analysis, I'm in support of Glavine pitching the opener because it means Leiter will pitch the home opener (7th game of the season). That's good for us because we're going and I'd much rather see Leiter than Glavine. I assume the majority of Mets fans feel the same way, so I think the decision makes sense.

Chump, if I understand your argument properly, it's not just illegal steroids you're talking about, it's all the legal stuff people take to get big, too. Yes, athletes today are much bigger and stronger than they were in prior generations. Has this ruined baseball?

Our current era has a greater number of homeruns for a number of reasons, but overall offense isn't that out of line with history. It's at a high point, but baseball has had many cycles throughout its history. After the deadball era, there was a huge offensive outbreak in the late 20s and 30s. In fact, in 1930, the average NL team scored 5.68 runs per game. That's over a full run more than 2003. So, the raw stats put up in 1930 were much more inflated than those of today.

Fortunately, thanks to sabermetrics, we can easily compare players across eras. Stats like EqA and OPS+ express a player's performance compared to the league average. So, yes, looking at raw homeruns as the way of evaluating players won't work as well across eras. But, baseball has always had that problem. In 1930, 8 people in the AL hit at least .350. The league batting average was .288. In 1968, Yastrzemski led the league with a .301 average. The league batting average was .230. That's why it's much better to use stats like EqA when comparing players across eras.

That all brings us back to the fact that many hitters today are much bigger due to steroids and legal supplements. But, as long as we're using stats that compare their performance to their own peers, we're okay discussing their accomplishments in historical terms. And as I pointed out yesterday, Bonds compares pretty well to his peers.

The much harder numbers to evaluate fairly are those from the first half of last century when a large percentage of the country's most talented players were not allowed to play.
what the hell did tom glavine do last season to merit the opening day nod? was it not leiter who gutted through injury and first-half mediocrity to end up having a pretty decent season? leiter has the most wins won in new york of any pitcher, queens or the bronx. senator al deserves the honor, i'm guessing that he's such a gentleman that he led glavine have it.

who would people rather have at their current prices, glavine or maddux?
i don't like the argument that players back in the day rocked 'performance enhancement drugs'
we're comparing bennies aka speed with the highly sophisticated supplements of today. steroids have little to do with it. it has nothing to do with the juice arnold took back in the day either. i saw so many heads in college with kitchens full of the illest shit which made many of my homies huge. they've all lost significant bulk since they all stopped taking most of the shit they were taking.

but nor do i think that the supplements these players are taking is what's ruining the game, IF by ruining the game we are talking about the argument that some like mushnick advance that today's gaudy offensive records are meaningless because everyone is putting up big numbers plus we've lost the ability to compare players across eras. there are far more factors, including the much smaller parks of the past 10 years versus the past 40, that have led to the offensive explosion.
"If my personal trainer, me, Turk Wendell, got indicted for that, there's no one in the world who wouldn't think that I wasn't taking steroids," the Rockies relief pitcher told The Denver Post. "I mean, what, because he's Barry Bonds, no one's going to say that?

"I mean, obviously he did it. [His trainer] admitted to giving steroids to baseball players. He just doesn't want to say his name. You don't have to. It's clear just seeing his body."

Bonds' retort from Giants camp in Scottsdale, Ariz.: "I'm not going to comment on ignorance. Who's he?"

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Out of curiosity, why is it SB/3 in the EQA formula? And I think you're right, we did do a draft in 1 period. I recall being extraordinarily happy getting Bagwell.
thank you, cannatar, that was very informative.

if i were bonds, after flexing naked in front of the mirror and then calling my agent to demand a trade to play for my godfather's last team, the mets, i would get good and steamed over all this 'a-rod' the greatest player. it's like when people, myself included, thought griffey was better than bonds in the mid-90's. the latest villain is Sports Illustrated who called a-rod the greatest on this week's cover. jinx! jinx! jinx!
probably the most digusting cover ever as it featured a-rod and a little inset of clemens and pettitte.
Tooting my own horn

As some of you may have noticed, I frequently use Equivalent Average (EqA) when discussing players. Fortunately, Baseball Prospectus published an explanation today. It's a little tedious, but the basic conclusion is that it correlates very well to runs scored on the team level (better than OPS).

Anyway, I had never actually seen how it was calculated before and was quite shocked to see that the rawest form is this:

H + TB + 1.5*(BB + HBP) + SB
AB + BB + HBP + CS + SB/3

To anyone who plays fantasy baseball with me, and most people on this blog have, the numerator should look somewhat familiar to them. It's extremely similar to the formula we use. The only differences are HBP (which don't make much of a difference) and that we give half a point for Runs and RBI (which wasn't my idea and am generally against, but I don't think it's a big deal).
In fact, the original formula that I came up with for my first fantasy season 10 years ago when I was a HS sophomore was:


It took me quite a few years to upgrade walks, but that's still remarkably close for a HS sophomore at a time when nobody was really talking about walks yet.

An even more amazing fact is that if my memory is correct, we somehow did the entire draft during one period of school. For some reason, all I can remember about my team is that I drafted Jason Bere and Aaron Sele. Kenny drafted Ryne Sandberg, who retired half-way through the season.
Last night, Bryan asked me where I would place Manny amongst the best hitters in baseball. I believe that we drunkenly agreed that the answer was third. To follow up on that declaration, here's the top 10 in Equivalent Average last year:

Bonds .420
Pujols .362
Helton .345
Manny .341
Sheffield .341
Delgado .338
Javy .337
Vlad .328
ARod .326
Giambi/Nixon/Edmonds .325

While I'm at it, here's 2002:

Bonds .457
Manny .370
Thome .369
Giambi .351
Giles .351
Chipper .335
ARod .334
Sosa .332
Vlad .331
Edmonds/Delgado .330

(others: Pujols .319, Helton .320, Sheffield .315)

So, looking just at EQA, Manny's been the 2nd best in baseball over the last 2 years. I'm still tempted to stick with "third" (behind Pujols) as my answer to Bryan's question. At the very least, I feel comfortable saying "in the top 5".

By the way, this underscores how ridiculous Bonds is. He's averaged an EQA of .438 the last 2 years, or 83 points higher than the second highest person (Manny). 83 points down from Manny would be .272.
What is .272?
.272 is below average for a corner outfielder.
Last year, .272 was Ramon Hernandez, Aaron Boone, Jolbert Cabrera, Juan Pierre, and BJ Surhoff.

So, under this measure, the gap between Bonds and the second best hitter in baseball is the same as the gap between the 2nd best hitter and BJ Surhoff.

Monday, February 23, 2004

from the post:

To see Matsui play short is different than any shortstop you've seen before. There is a flow to his defense. Said one Japanese reporter following the action yesterday, "He moves like a Ninja."

There is good reason for that. Matsui goes through a long workout in the stadium before and after practice, a workout that incorporates Tai Chi-like movements. Watching him, you can just feel the flow of internal energy. All that's missing is David Carridine.

Matsui uses the slow, powerful movements designed for him by a trainer from Japan to not only improve his strength and flexibility, but to realign his body after a hard day at the office.

"It serves three purposes," explained Matsui through interpreter Nozomo Matsumoto. "It serves as weight training, also as a cool down and it also puts my body back the way it should be, aligning it."

I wouldn't trade Reyes for Soriano (and fortunately, I don't think the Mets will either). Reyes is the Mets' best prospect since Darryl and is 8 years younger than Soriano. It's still a little early to know whether he'll be as good a hitter, but I think there's a decent chance he'll be as good a player. Reyes is practically free the next three years, and then reasonably priced for 3 years of arbitration. With Soriano, we'll have him for three years at escalating salaries, and then have to decide whether to let him go or give a 31 year old 2B big money, multi-year deal, which isn't all that attractive an option.

Trading Kazmir is a little more sensible, but I think I'd turn that down, too.
First of all, even with Soriano, the Mets probably aren't winning anything this year, while Kazmir will hopefully be a big part of the next Mets' championship team.
Secondly, if we move Soriano to RF, he loses a lot of his value. Soriano ranked 3rd amongst 2B in EquivalentAverage last year (behind Boone and Giles). He would have ranked 11th amongst RFs.

Anybody want to buy the Brewers?
According to the Newark Star-Ledger, the Rangers and Mets could talk later
this spring about a trade that would send Alfonso Soriano back to New York
for Jose Reyes and Tyler Yates. It's believed that the Mets want Soriano,
but they'd probably prefer to keep Reyes and build a deal around top
pitching prospect Scott Kazmir. The Mets view Soriano as a right fielder,
so they'd still want Reyes at second base.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Maybe the A's aren't so poor after all:

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

According to the New York Post, the Mets asked the Rangers about Alfonso
Soriano but were told he was unavailable. The Mets probably would have
offered the Rangers a package of young pitchers (Scott Kazmir? Aaron
Heilman?), but they didn't get a chance to make an offer before they were
turned down. If they acquired Soriano, they would have used him as a
right fielder.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Nice little basic explanation for non-believers about why we need sabermetrics at
Baseball Prospectus.
Boo on you Ryan, for saying what I already said. I like this Podesta guy too, and I think he'll be able to turn it around for the Dodgers. The Pods are still my sleeper team though. And is it me, or is Cashman not getting enough credit? They're making him out to be some kind of puppet when I don't think that's really the case.
The Onion was right:
So, I guess Maddux will be a Yankee, too. Unbelievable. Really unbelievable. I really think it's time for a salary cap. I know the union is strongly against it, but I would imagine they could be convinced to put in a cap around $150 mill, which wouldn't come close to affecting any team other than the Yankees. Whatever, its a few years away anyway.
And this shouldn't be taken as a criticism of the Yanks, because obviously they should do what they can to win, but I do think its reached the point where its bad for baseball's overall business. A lot of fans are just going to stay home because they figure the season's over before it starts.

In unrelated news, the Dodgers yesterday did what the Mets should have done: they hired Paul DePodesta as GM. Great move. It will be interesting to see what a Beane disciple can do with a bigger budget. He might even be able to make some moves to improve their chances this year in the wide open NL West. And Bill Plaschke of the LA Times gets the idiot of the day award for implying that Branch Rickey would be shocked at the Dodgers being run by a stathead. Rickey probably used advanced stats much more than anyone in his day, and was the first one to state the importance of OBP.
Al Leiter put it very well:

"I don't think salt in the wound describes it enough. It's more like rubbing salt, and then pouring hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol and rust in there at the same time."

Monday, February 16, 2004

The Post actually made a good point, Ryan, about why A-Rod moving to third is a better move defensively than Jeter moving.

It makes alot of sense if you think about it.

In my opinion, this really isn't good for baseball at all. They really need to consider a cap. You may have alot of people now figure what's the point in going to a baseball game and paying all that money to watch a team that probably won't win the World Series now that the Yanks have A-Rod. Of course, it's rather silly reasoning, but, then again, most people are stupid.

My only hope is that the pressure becomes too much for them and all the Yanks have brain aneurysms.

Good line from yesterday's Post (but not as good as Saro's):

Who's the fifth starter? Um, Scott Erickson? Aaron Heilman? Jeremy Griffiths? Grant Roberts? Tyler Yates? James Baldwin? You?

I also like how the Post clearly points out how Steinbrenner knows what it takes to win in NY, while the Wilpons are like some hillbilly morons that are out of place here and don't realize that you need to be agressive, especially in NY.
first anger. then denial. then frustration. then acceptance. then rationalization.

just have to spin things the right way.

we have the best 2nd baseman in new york city.

we have the best left-handed started in new york city.

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......that's about it.
still, why was the diff-diff of $20m such a big diff-diff from the bosox negotiations. the bosox were giving up a much better player, why were their negotiations so arduous and this one so smooth? why to other owners capitulate so easy to the yankees? tom hicks really sold the fans out in only getting soriano for the best offensive player in baseball. sure, he gets financial freedom, but we'll see if that actually helps the club, i mean, he doesn't exactly have the best track record in spending money. and it's not as if ranger fans will be seeing lower ticket prices or anything.

I already explained why Jeter should move to third: because he cares about winning, and that will give the Yankees the best chance at winning. It's been a few years.
The owners would love to have a salary cap, and tried very hard to get one. In fact, they implemented a cap when they declared an impasse in the negotiations, but it was overturned by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. I don't think the union will ever go for a cap. Even if they had a cap now, it would probably only affect the Yankees. Even so, the union loves having the Yankees there so they can drive up the salaries for everyone.
Oh, and I'll be shocked if Boone's contract gets voided.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

If that deals goes through, here is some food for thought about ARod's salary: Henson's flight 2.2 million. Soriano's swapped contract: $5.4 million. Boone's violated contract, if voided: $5.75 million. Rodriguez's 2004 terms: $21 million, of which $3 million is deferred and $4 million is covered by a prorated share of the cash Texas is believed to have included in the transaction. Doesn't that come out to about $750,000 for the league's best player? Like Ryan said, even at 16 mil, it is a bargin.

Now why would Jeter move to third? Don't you think he's tired of people trashing him? At least he will still be playing SS while the greatest shortstop ever won't be. Somehow I don't think 4 wins is going to come between the Yanks and the postseason. Until that day where ARod replaces Jeter at SS, Jeter is now basically bending ARod over and fucking him (and all his nay sayers) up the ass. I love it! The Yanks have been winning with Jeter since 1996, they can't possibly win any more quantitatively with anyone else there (You can't finish higher than first place). Now that both ARod and Jeter are on the same big market team, lets see who wins the war of endorsements/publicity/and tabloid back pages? Maybe they can also get Nomar to play second?

A salary cap in baseball is foolish from the owners view. The mere fact that some teams have ridculously low payrolls kills the cap idea. Tampa Bay last season as a whole team made less than ARod. In another light, ARod and Jeter together made more than three teams (TB, KC and Mil). Does anyone honestly believe that that if you set a cap at say 70 million (about the average from last year) that these "small market" teams will actively strive to reach 70 million? You're still going to have jackass teams likes the Brewers saying they need to cut payroll and pocketing the money. I don't know why you never hear complaining about teams who cut payroll. You never hear bad things about teams who dump their stars for dogshit nothing (see Brewers, Oakland, Toronto, Montreal). Maybe it's just big town bias here, but I can't picture a dad taking his family out to the game saying "Today we are going to see the great Scott Podsednik play!" Doesn't quite have the same ring as "Today we are going to see the great Barry Bonds play." There might just be a correlation between a teams attendance and the team on the field.

Owners know which team(s) bring in the most money into the league. And they certainly do not put their hands in their pocket when revenue sharing, luxury tax, TV and radio money, etc gets handed out, or when teams like the Yankees roll into town and raise their attendance (which means more tickets, concessions, and parking sold) for them. If the owners really wanted a cap, they would have rammed one in already the same way they rammed in revenue sharing and their other initiatives. They know not to screw around with their cash cows...

Ugh. This truly is a dark day for all Yankee haters, and even darker for Red Sox fans. But Saro, I think you might be going a little too far, giving up baseball altogether.
I've always been against a salary cap, but this trade may finally force me to change my mind. It really is outrageous how high their payroll is getting.
That being said, this is obviously a fantastic trade for the Yankees, and as far as I'm concerned a stupid move by the Rangers. If the rumors are true, the Yanks will only pay $16 mill per year for A-Rod. Even in this depressed market, ARod is clearly worth more than that. I don't understand why the Rangers were so desperate to move ARod.

If Derek Jeter really is a team leader and really cares about winning, he will immediately call up Joe Torre and volunteer to move to 3B. This isn't like my idea for the Yanks to get Kaz Matsui, who is still unproven. This is fucking ARod, the best SS since Honus Wagner. And he's won 2 straight Gold Gloves. Even Jeter has to realize that ARod is better with the glove.
According to UZR, the difference between ARod and Jeter defensively is about 4 wins per year. We can probably guess that ARod will be better at third, too, but the difference would probably be signigicantly less because less balls are hit to third. Plus, Jeter's lack of range would probably be less of a problem at third, and his strong arm will help him.
there are many bad ramifications, personally, from this a-rod deal. one of them is that the post will be unbearable to read. because we know the yanks are guaranteed to win the al east, but every 2-game losing skid will prompt crisis about their playoff chances. also, because we know the yanks are guaranteed to be in the postseason, we have to wait all the way until october to root against them. go halos!

meanwhile, the mets awe-inspiring roster will merit maybe half-a-page 5 pages into the sports section. which maybe is better. if i read one more article about how dope cameron is and how much promise reyes has and how great kaz is. what's the point of them even doing well? now you really know i'm off the deep end.
yo bro, I know we missed out on Vald Guero, but what's dat stoonad Cashman doing, bro? can't we trade the angels, like, steve karsay and this kid we got in double A, I hear he might make the majors one day? I tell ya, other teams are makin moves, bro- not like the one you put on angela last night, WHOA, hey bro, uknowwhatimsayin?- but we got this GLARING hole at second base, I mean GLARING, like the fog lamps on my '87 Iroc. Cashman better get on this, bro!

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Kinda funny how the Red Sox scratch and claw their way to get ARod and are shot down while the skanks can swoop in and trade for him as if it was nothing.

BTW, if the trade goes through, this will be my last post on this blog, as I will have given up on baseball (never attend or watch another game) and take my friend Steve's assertion that "baseball is gay."
let me see if i have this str8, future middle reliever jose contreras, sorry-ano through only 2004, and a catching prospect for the best player in baseball. ahhhh, ok, i see.

yo, bro, i don't see why da yanks stop deah. let's get this maddux guiy and pop him in for middle relief, and i love that ziti kid, he's a paison, he'd make a great emergency start-uh. is jay-z lopez still avail-ah-bull to back up posadah? what de fuck, bro, what are the yanks doing. i'm worried about dis year, bro, not enough talent. whatevuh, now with dat faig petit gone we have money to spend for a midseason trade.
Saro, your post about a pile of meat pitching better than the Mets' 5th starter is perhaps the greatest post in the history of blogs.

Friday, February 13, 2004

This whole Barry Bonds steroid issue is back, and some people are quick to leap to the conclusion that if he used an illegal performace enhancing drug it negates all his accomplishments.
Just to put this in perspective, here's an excerpt from a Times article today:

"Pittsburgh drug trials in 1985, ...
(Dale) Berra and Parker testified that they secured amphetamines from Willie Stargell; Parker said he also got them from Bill Madlock. Milner identified Willie Mays as a source of liquid amphetamines when they played for the Mets."

Nobody ever dismisses Willie Mays's accomplishments because he might have used illegal performance enhancing drugs.
In fact, it's generally accepted that a very large percentage of players used to use amphetamines regularly, and nobody seems to care.
I really think it all boils down to people disliking Bonds and looking for any means to tarnish his legacy.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

So are the Mets gonna put Baldwin, Erickson, Griffiths and Heilman in a meat grinder and put the result in a uniform for the #5 starter? Because a pile of meat can pitch better than any of these morons.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I definitely think the Pods have potential. I really like their lineup (Giles and Nevin there for a whole year, Burroughs with another year under his belt), it's just a matter of if their pitching holds up.
Wow, the Yanks are apparently going to sign Travis Lee for $2 million. That's a lot of money for a backup first baseman. But, I guess if money grows on trees, then it's a solid move. It protects them if Giambi gets hurt and allows them to DH Giambi every so often (and give Lofton a day off). I guess Tony the Tiger's Yankee career is over. Oh well, just $750k wasted on him.
You could make a very good argument that Seguignol would have provided just as good offense as Lee, if not better. Of course, Lee is much better with the glove.
It's really hard to evaluate Yankee moves because they're the only team that doesn't seem to have a budget.

I actually think the Padres have a shot at winning the West this year. Yes, they were the worst team in the league last year, but the West is wide open. The DBacks and Dodgers weren't that great last year, and each lost one of the best pitchers in baseball (Schilling and Brown). The Giants are still largely a one-man team, so if Bonds misses significant time or somehow comes back to earth, they could be in trouble. Plus, they lost Cruz and Aurilia (who they're replacing with Neifi Perez).

Here's a very rudimentary look at the NL West offenses based on EQAs from last year for their starters (.260 is average):

Giles .322
Loretta .291
Nevin .289
Klesko .287
Payton .278
Burroughs .275
R.Hernandez .272
K. Greene .232

Total = .281 overall

Bonds .420 (maaaaaan)
Snow .290
Pierzynski .285
Durham .284
Grissom .276
Alfonzo .262
Tucker .253
Neifi .224

Total = .287

LGonz .308
Big Sexy .308
Finley .284
Cintron .280
Hammock .271
Hillenbrand .262
Alomar .250
Bautista .247

Total = .276

Roberts .248
Trammell .270 (2002 #, he played so little last year)
Encarnacion .264
Green .289
Lo Duca .257
Beltre .251
Cora .225
Itzuris .216

Total = .253

Helton .345
Walker .300
Wilson .279
Burnitz .267
Castilla .262
C. Johnson .252
Clayton .225
Aaron Miles .240 (MjEQA based on minor league #s)

Total = .271

To summarize:
Giants .288
Padres .281
DBacks .276
Rockies .271
Dodgers .253

I think the Padres are one of the 2 best offenses in the division, and could wind up the best. Of course, the Giants probably have better pitching, but if the young guys (Peavy, Eaton, Lawrence) have big years and Wells stays healthy, the rotation could surprise. And the bullpen is very solid with Hoffman, Beck, Witasick, Osuna, and Akinori Otsuka.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Look at me! I'm Peter Gammons! "If Al Leiter and Tom Glavine live out the movie "Cocoon" and get younger, Scott Strickland establishes himself as an dominant closer, Cliff Floyd joins the elite 40/40 club, and Matsui proves himself better than Ichiro and Godzilla combined, the Mets could contend for the NL East. But watch out for the Phillies. And the Braves. The Marlins should be back strong. And the Expos are always pesky. So the Mets might win. Or they might not."

JAMES BALDWIN AND RICKY BOTTALICO? What about Mark Clark and Randy Myers?
peter gammons made some pretty ballsy predictions last nite, including that willie randolph would replace torre by the end of the season. of course, everything he says is heavily hedged. he also said that the sadres could be this years marlins/angels.

Monday, February 09, 2004

I'm planning to go with some of the Korean students in my studio to a Seo start. Maybe they'll make some brazy signs or something. ANd I think we should all boycott Trachsel (I don't wanna sit there for 3.5 hours) and Glavine starts.
when is stickball opening day???

when is fantasy draft?????????

when is baseball opening day????

(of course, once baseball season actually starts i am quite prepared to be bored.

is it too much to ask from the mets that we have one starting pitcher where we say, "man! i can't wait to see mr. x pitch!!!" have we ever had a more boring selection of pitchers than last year and now this year??

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Boras really wants a 3 (or more) year deal, and the Cubs (wisely) won't go past two. It'd be pretty embarrassing for Maddux not to be on a team by spring training, so I guess he has to give in (but only after having the players' association sue the league for collusion)
what is scott boras doing to his client maddux? (i'm not wrong am i? boras is his agent, right?)
what is maddux asking for that scurrd the cubs and sadres away?

isiah thomas sez he's a cubs and yanks fan. how can the yanks be anybody's second-favorite team? nonsense
New York Post actually wrote about UZR today! They used it to claim that Cameron is the best fielder in baseball.
Part of my "freefall" list (with Juan Gonzalez being mentioned in the same breath as Garcia, Mondesi, etc). Maddux still hasn't signed anywhere and spring training is 8-10 days away. Now a future HOF is being mentioned in the same remaining free agent class as James Baldwin.
Interesting PBS baseball strike zone/bat video:

Saturday, February 07, 2004

These posts make the Zeile signing more dubious by the day. Perhaps management fulfilled a request by a player to have the team sign Zeile.

Friday, February 06, 2004

According to Baseball Prospectus's EQA, Seguignol was the best hitter in the minors last year. He didn't have a very good 2002 in Japan. His major league numbers were pretty good until an absolutely horrible 50 ABs in 2001.
I don't think it's fair to compare him to Zeile because he doesn't play third. In fact, I believe he has a rep for being very bad defensively, and probably limited to 1B. I can understand the rationale for not wanting to waste a roster spot on a bench player who can only play 1B and not well.
On the other hand, I think it's odd that no team would have been willing to give him a shot in spring training, particularly an AL team where he could DH. It's also unclear how much time Piazza's going to spend at 1B. Phillips may have been a bit of a fluke last year. I still think instead of Seguignol, I would have gone with someone who could play third like Branyan, Lamb, or Houston. If we want someone just at 1B, Travis Lee is still out there, and might be pretty cheap.
All that said, I think an argument can be made that the Yankees should've held on to him. He's a nice bat off the bench and insurance in case Giambi gets hurt.

I Cheer Boston:
Game 7 of the American League Championship Series with the Yankees, a Thursday night game that lasted past midnight, drew a bigger TV rating in Boston than the New England Patriots' Super Bowl victory Sunday. The Red Sox-Yankees game had a 53.9 rating compared with 52.2 for the Patriots vs. Carolina.

Great article giving a very personal look at Bonds.

Here are some good quotes from it:
Aurilia says, ''The rest of us play in the major leagues. He's at another level on a planet with a name none of us even know how to pronounce.''

''It's a joke, man,'' catcher Benito Santiago says. ``The rest of us should just spend all our time in the dugout bowing to him.''

And here's a completely unrelated absurd quote:
“Tom Seaver was so good that blind people came out to Shea Stadium just to hear him pitch” – Reggie Jackson
Ryan, I assume this guy, who went unclaimed when the Yankees put him on waivers, is also better than Zeile (and probably cheaper)?

Yankees sold the contract of infielder Fernando Seguignol to the Nippon
Ham Fighters of Japan's Pacific League. The 29-year-old Seguignol hit
341/.401/.624 in 402 AB for Triple-A Columbus last season.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Ryan, we both had better WHIPs that Erickson last year. Rook's was over 50% lower.
ugh, that sounds like something eric would do.

from espn:
Since 2000--
Highest ERA (min 40 starts) -- Ryan Rupe 6.41 (Runner-up: Scott Erickson, 6.39)
Most baserunners per 9 IP -- Erickson 15.92
Most hits allowed per 9 IP -- Nate Cornejo 11.34 (Runner-up: Erickson 11.33)

Good pickup Metties!!
this is really derylous
Mets signed RHP Scott Erickson to a minor league contract and invited him to spring training.

-that sure is worth a shot. Why, just 12 years ago, he was pretty good! Is Teddy Higuera looking for a shot?

about the knicks, I'm in a rooting limbo- if they do well, they'll just embarass themselves in the playoffs, and if they do poorly, they have no draft pick.
Book him Lou, one count of being a bear... and one count of being an accessory to being a bear.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Mike Lamb is a solid pickup for the Yanks. He and Houston are both probably slightly below average hitters; either one would form a decent LH part of a platoon. The problem is that neither of them is very good defensively from what I hear, which is more of a problem because of the rest of the Yankees' infield defense. They'll probably get someone else, but this is nice insurance in case they don't.

And I think either of those guys would have made more sense for the Mets than Zeile because they signed minor league deals, are cheaper, and are lefthanded (better able to sub for our righthanded 3B and 1B).

And I think I'd take Villone over Erickson or Baldwin. I wouldn't give any of them a guaranteed deal, but I guess it couldn't hurt to bring one of them into spring training to battle it out with Heilman, Griffiths, Yates, and Roberts. Argh, why didn't we sign Batista?
the only problem the yanks have is that they are gay.
yo, the past few years have made me a very bitter sports fan.
even with marbury, i still avidly cheer against the knicks now.
and this year, i will be more in anticipation of when giambi suffers a knee blowout at first this year than i will be in anticipation for a mets game.
at least the isles are 8 points clear of the 'gers.........bro.
I think the only good thing though is that the Yankees farm system absolutely sucks right now, rated near the bottom, since they traded away all their top prospects in George's "win-now" quest. When was the last time they won though? Oh, right, hmm...
When you really think about it, the 'problems' the Yankees have and the problems the Mets have are hilarious.
The Mets have been exchanging parameters with Scott Erickson's agents on a
minor league deal and believe they are getting close to signing the right-hander.
The Mets are also looking at Ron Villone and James Baldwin as candidates to
become their fifth starter.

Oh, sweet, that's a nice batch to choose from. I hear Rook's available...

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Even when the Yankees get screwed, they still manage to get a good deal out of it. Of course I'm talking about the Yankees getting 12 mil back from Henson for him to leave baseball. Bastards.
Except for Vinatieri.
according to espn, bill beli-chick is a big fan of sabermetrics and almost never goes for two because, according to the percentages, of its poor ramifications for score differential the rest of the game.

while a proponent of the two simply because its more fun, john fox's decision to go for 2 with 12.5 minutes remaining was quite dubious, showed a lack of faith in his offense's ability to get in the end zone again. many have said it, the better coach usually wins the super bowl. but for real, fuck the 2-point try, casey's kick, we all know, did them in. what a disaster. so frustrating.

it seems like this year especially, beginning with the gints disaster in san fran, kickers have ruined many a team. the saints for instance, the giants all season, and now the cats. ouch. that's why kickers are so stupid, they're not really part of the team, they practice seperately, wear different helmets, and then they ruin the real work of the rest of the team by fucking up one of the most basic rules, DON'T KICK OUT OF BOUNDS, ESPECIALLY IN THE FOURTH QUARTER!!!!!! -sigh- let them try and run it back, who cares, but don't spot them at the 40, gah- so frustrating.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Lingerie Bowl results:

Congrats to the Super Bowl champs and their MVP, Tom Brady (the Derek Jeter of football...)
Maybe he bet it all on heads. Or maybe he bet on Janet Jackson's left boob being exposed. The real question is, who won the lingerie bowl?
jose guillen, who just got a phat new kontract from the angels, just got a $1million loan from the team. what? why? did he have the under?