Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Below is the email I sent to my fellow Mets fans at 3:30 a.m. after attending the loss to the Cardinals in game 7 (see photos taken from section 45 here).


That's it. It's out. I've had a number of adult beverages, and I think it's time to let all the anger and regret go. It was a great season. And until it ended, it was a great game. The train ride home was pretty depressing, but I still don't regret being there tonight. The stadium was literally shaking; it was incredible. If Beltran had come through, it would have been one of the greatest games in Mets history. We were one single away from this being one of the best nights of my life. Improbably, Oliver Perez pitched a great game. And Endy saved him (and Willie) by making the greatest defensive play in Mets history. And after going hitless for seven straight innings, the Mets came so fucking close to coming back in the bottom of the ninth. There were times that the crowd felt a little dead tonight, but after a period of silence following Yadier's homer when things looked completely hopeless, the fans slowly started coming back to life, still chanting, "Let's Go Mets!" despite the deep hole that had been dug. And really, that's what's being a Mets fan is all about: no matter how much loss we endure, no matter the odds stacked against us, no matter how whack the starting pitcher we put on the mound, no matter how hopeless things look, we keep believing. When Valentin singled, I fucking believed. Then Endy singled, I fucking believed. Even with two outs, I fucking believed. And 57,000 fans chanting "Let's Go Mets!" believed. It sucks that we lost, but I'm glad we believed. And even the loss can't kill the belief in a Mets fan. Mets in 2007!

New CBA!
No strike or lockout!
Pretty good summary of the changes here.

From Kevin Goldstein's game log on Prospectus:
9:01 pm: According to Tim McCarver, "when Pujols is the batter, it's not a plate, it's a platter." I'm pretty sure that's somewhere on the most recent Jay-Z album.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

For the record, career postseason OPS of certain Yankee players (including performance with other teams):

Alex Rodriguez .847
Paul O'Neill .828
Yogi Berra .811
Joe DiMaggio .760
Jorge Posada .746
Scott Brosius .696
Tino Martinez .672
Roger Maris .666

Sunday, October 08, 2006

As much as I love the Mets moving on and overcoming some injuries, I gotta tell ya, I really do not feel comfortable with Wagner closing these games. I feel like I'm watching Looper Redux. The guy doesn't pitch anymore; he just chucks it, hoping that it's fast enough and in the strike zone. He doesn't inspire confidence in me at all.