Thursday, February 28, 2008

In 1986, you didn't need to be a dominant championship team to record a terrible music video, here's the long-lost Baseball Boogie from a team that went on to lose 89 games:

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Great article from ESPN about Tony Gwynn Jr. and Trevor Hoffman.
PECOTA projected standings are up.
Mets and Yankees are both projected for 96 wins, tied for the best in baseball. PECOTA has the Mets 10 games ahead of the second place Braves.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Other side of the aisle: Me and Pedro. New ish.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

As much as I love the Johan trade, I'm still not convinced that the Mets are the best team in the NL. I mean, everyone after Johan is a question mark as I see it. Pedro and Duque are health risks, and Maine and Perez are always in danger of regressing. Delgado looked his age last year, although I don't know if it also had something to do with him having a kid for the first time (in my opinion, certain personal issues can have a positive/negative effect on a player). I know Castillo had surgery, and he doesn't have to play on the Minnesota turf anymore, so hopefully his knees hold up. Alou might have been our best player in the last 6 weeks (although that's not saying much) but he's going to be, what, 42?
My prohibitive NL favorite right now are the D'Backs. Their rotation is suspect after Webb/Haren, but that's a pretty damn good 1 & 2, and if Unit can give 200-225 IP and 10-12 wins, they should be sitting pretty. Their offense is young, but with the right mix of veterans. Right now I'm thinking 1. Arizona 2. Mets 3. Cubs 4. not sure, cuz there are alot of teams on the cusp like Milwaukee (love their offense), Philly (suspect rotation/best infield in majors), Colorado (I mean, they are the defending NL champs), LA, and SD (love their rotation, hate their offense).
One final piece of business:

The Mets roster seems to be pretty much finalized, but I think they need to make one small addition. As I pointed out back in December, Ryan Church and Carlos Delgado are both excellent candidates for a platoon. I realize that there may be some egos involved and that Church could probably use more time against southpaws to improve, but I still think it's worth having a righty bat on the bench who can fill in part time at both RF and 1B. My choice for the job is still Kevin Mench, who is still available and seems to be drawing little interest. But, it seems that the Mets are at least considering a decent alternative: Craig Wilson. Wilson performed poorly in limited action last season, but he has a strong track record against lefties, has played mostly RF & 1B during his career, and could probably serve as emergency catcher (his original position), allowing Castro to pinch hit more often.

Avg/OBP/Slg #s against lefties over the last three seasons:
Delgado .231/.309/.454
Church .259/.336/.406

Mench .305/.368/.558
Wilson .266/.368/.445