Thursday, June 30, 2005

That is the most useful bit of information Gammons has ever provided. Seriously.

Monday, June 27, 2005

from Gammons:
According to the Korean News Bureau, South Korean Doosan Bears' pitcher Park Myung-hwan twice lost his cap while delivering a pitch and each time frozen cabbage leaves fell off his head twice in a game on June 19. The frozen cabbage leaves inside the cap were used to keep his head cool.

The Korea Baseball Organization has been moved to rule that wearing cabbage leaves inside a baseball cap constitutes an "alien material" that may disrupt a game, prohibited according to the organization's rules, the organization said in a statement Tuesday.
From Will Carroll's column:
"The Mets have been looking for first base options and are hoping that Roberto Petagine becomes available at the start of July."


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Yeah, I never understood why new stadiums weren't built in NYC. The Mets should have requested a new one right after 86, or even 88. I'm not really sure what the Yankee situation was, but I'm surprised there wasn't more pressure to renovate or replace their stadium after their late-90s run. And $800 mil? WTF?!?!
whatever your opinions are on public financing for stadiums or building new stadiums in general, i think it's worth noting that there has not been a new stadium built in the 5 boroughs since Madison Square Garden in 1968.

New York City has the oldest stadium in the NBA. (every team save the nets, knicks and warriors plays in a brand-new or very recent stadium)

New York City has the oldest stadium in the NHL. (every team save the isles, devils, rangers, oilers and flames play in a brand-new stadium)

New York City (metro area) has one of the oldest stadiums in the NFL. (the other old stadiums in miami, oakland and san fran have all been renovated)

New York City has the third oldest park in the National League (only Dodger and Wrigley are older)

Every other major city in Canada and the U.S. save NYC has built a new stadium since around 1990, most built two or more. (chicago 3, boston 2, seattle 3, cleveland 3, miami 2, toronto 2, los angeles 2, anaheim 2, houston 3, philadelphia 3, cincinnati 2, st. louis 3, detroit 2)

Major global cities like london, paris, barcelona, tokyo and munich have all built massive new stadiums.

Moreover, you could make the argument that every stadium in the metropolitan area is a depressing dump.

oh, except for the gleaming new $42 million Carl Ichahn Stadium on Randall's Island built for all those track and field meets that happen all the time and draw so many people.

i forgot the new Arthur Ashe stadium, which is an eyesore and is used for for 14 days a year and the 2 single-a ballparks, which are nice but quaint.
Quotes from Carl Everett:

"They need to implode Wrigley."

"it's proven that 99 percent of baseball fans have no idea what they're watching."

"I don't believe in gay marriages. I don't believe in being gay."

Friday, June 10, 2005

is there a reason why heilman never pitches?

if so, I just might like to know what it is.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Forget about Graves' attitude, what about his almost-8 ERA? Geez, how do other teams put together bullpens of scrubs who all end up with era's around 3 but the mets get guys like this?

reyes has twice as many walks as fancy pudge rodriguez in only 39 more ABs.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Draft!
Mets take Mike Pelfrey. Sounds like a solid pick. Big college pitcher with a fastball that reaches 97 and has good sinking action. Scott Boras represents him.
Craig Hansen, the St. Johns closer, surpisingly fell to 26, where the BoSox used their second pick on him.
Interestingly, after only taking one HS player in the first 10 rounds over the last 3 drafts, the A's abandoned the "Moneyball" approach, and took 3 HS pitchers in the first three rounds.
For what possible reason did the Mets sign Graves? If he flipped out on fans in Cincy, what's gonna happen with fans in NYC?

Monday, June 06, 2005

what jon miller does not know is that I also boo matsui when he gets a hit.
Keeping with the boo meme, during the Mets game last night, Jon Miller mentioned that Matsui is more often referred to as MatBooey by the fans because they boo him whenever he gets out.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

New Stat?
Bob Brenly: "LaTroy led the league in boos per innings pitched."