Thursday, June 07, 2007

Well, looks like the Mets went with a low risk, low reward guy with their first pick at 42: Eddie Kunz, a big righty closer out of Oregon State. I guess with the success of Joe Smith, Omar likes the idea of getting some immediate bullpen help, as opposed to a long shot. I don't know if that's so wise - they can pick up a decent reliever for a few million dollars a year, but if they didn't like any of the big talents (Matt Harvey?), this pick sort of makes sense. Here's what was said on the Prospectus chat:

Kevin Goldstein: He's built kinda like Lee Smith, and throws as hard, but needs secondary stuff -- almost a reach here, really.

BSmith: He probably doesn't fit [in the rotation], but his big-time fastball will fit in the Mets bullpen by next season. Solid, unspectacular pick.

In other news, the Yankees went in the opposite direction, taking a high risk, high reward guy in Andrew Brackman, a 6-10 righty who ranked as a top 5 pick just a month ago, but fell due to injury/inactivity/Boras concerns.